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Wireless Intrusion Alarm System

Intruder or a person who intrudes into a building with criminal intent can be prevented or restricted with the help of intrusion alarm system. The intrusion alarm system provides the information about unauthorized entry or threat through alarms, calls and sending SMS to the building manger, security or owner. Intrusion alarm system is set up with wireless devices like PIR motion sensors, door contacts, glass break sensors, panic button, indoor siren and outdoor siren etc. with main controller which modnitors the area and generates alarm as soon as it gets input from any of its sensors. Wireless technology makes the system secure, reliable, user, cost effective and more user friendly.


Intrusion system wireless sensors does not require any electric connection and also have inbuilt battery in intrusion panel which reduces the dependability on external power supply and increases the efficiency. The intrusion alarm security system not only provides the security when you are out of your place but also offers protection from active threats when you are on the work through manual operated panic buttons. The intrusion alarm system is also useful for secure places like banks, jewelry shops etc.

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